What is your research methodology for identifying companies?

We have a two step approach to identifying the appropriate companies. First we identify the client needs and then we identify the companies to recommend to our client.

Identify Client Needs

Work with client to define specific needs around product/service needs, engagement type, custom data, and partner characteristics

Identifying Companies

  1. Define key industries, verticals, technologies, capabilities, product features, and keywords to surface all potentially relevant partners
  2. Research 3rd party reports to surface top companies in requested space
  3. Apply client restrictions around partner characteristics to further define the list of companies surfaced
  4. Investigate partner websites, company profiles, client base, product capabilities, press releases and recent developments, and user reviews to further narrow down final list of 8-10 “Top Companies”
  5. Populate custom data for Top Companies requested by client
  6. Provide custom Summary, Rationale, Company and Product Maturity, and Innovation Characteristics for Top Companies

Narrow Down Recommended Partners

The Top Company recommended to client is a combination of how closely the recommended partner meets client needs and also how strong the company’s current and future product and growth compare to the industry