Set up SSO authentication for your account

If your company is using an identity provider, your IT department can configure a SAML authentication protocol for your Nucla Network and/or Group. This will make logging into your account easier and safer.

Please reach out to support@nucla.com if you have questions about the setup process or are having trouble logging in to Nucla through your company's SSO portal.

Technical Requirements

Nucla integrates with any single sign-on (SSO) identity provider that supports the SAML protocol.

To set up SSO authentication for your account, you must:

  • Be an Administrator of your Network or Group
  • Enable SSO on your Network or Group settings
  • Upload your Federation Metadata File (XML) with the EntityID, Reply URL, and NAMEID information provided by Nucla

Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you have not received this information.

Steps to Configure SSO

  1. Enable SSO from your Nucla Network or Group General Settings page.
  2. image

    There is another checkbox labeled Disable Nucla Auth. Check this box if you wish to restrict authentication to Nucla to your active directory domain or intranet.

  3. Upload your Federation metadata XML file. Please share this information with your IT department so they can generate the correct file that you can upload to your Nucla settings.
  4. EntityId: KITEsrm
    Reply URL: see Network or Group settings for your unique URL.
    NAMEID: must be set to `email` in your directory service configuration.

    After uploading you should see the file name render to show it has completed successfully.


    SAML certificates have an expiration date (typically 3 years). Once your certificate expires, ensure you re-upload a valid certificate.

  5. For Network SSO, select a default authorization group. This is the group users will be automatically added to if it's their first time using Nucla.
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    User's with an existing account will not be automatically added. They will need to be added manually through the respective

    on Nucla.

  7. Success! You have enabled SSO for your Network or Group on Nucla. This can be re-established or disabled at any point from your account settings.
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