Overview of KITE

What is KITE?

KITE is an Ecosystem Knowledge Management platform, which allows you to aggregate, organize and share data from all your trusted sources.

Use KITE to:

1) centralize and enrich your company data

2) package up your insights and share information internally 3) create cross-functional visibility and intelligence

4) connect with ecosystem partners to expand scouting and share knowledge.

5) Track, share and receive companies all in one place.

How can KITE help my team?

Locating ecosystem knowledge — data and insights about the companies important to your business objectives — requires too many cycles. Today you need to dig through outdated spreadsheets, CRMs and research databases or send multiple emails to other internal teams and your network of industry experts.

KITE solves this problem and pulls all your ecosystem data into a single place. You and your team can now:

→ Aggregate data from spreadsheets, tools, teams, research databases, partners and clients.

→ Organize your data so it’s easy to search, filter, graph and generate reports.

→ Share data with other internal teams, partners and clients. Dynamically showcase your analysis, top companies or portfolio.