Our Salesforce integration allows you to connect all of the fields and companies from a Salesforce account with the platform. Once on the platform they function like any other field with the ability to search, filter, graph, and more. Integrations can be controlled and managed by administrators only.

How does Salesforce data look on the platform?

Just as you expect. It appears as a card on company profiles, you can see it on your Sources dropdown, filter the fields like any other, create graphs, and more.


Can I edit my Salesforce data from the platform?

No you cannot. Your Salesforce data is read only so it stays safe. This is also true for the companies you import from Salesforce. If you wish to update your Salesforce data you need to login to your Salesforce account and make changes there and then sync the integration.

What kinds of fields are supported? Do I have to integrate all of them?

We support all account and relational data (contacts, opportunities, contracts, cases) fields associated with a company. We currently do not support data that does not fall under those categories (emails, notes, etc).

You do not have to integrate every field. When you setup your integration you can select any combination of fields you want to be shown on the platform.


Can I share access to my Salesforce data with other groups?

Yes, you can share access to some or all of your Salesforce data with other groups. They will have access to the integration you create for them but cannot edit it. They are able to manage which fields they want to make active or passive and whether or not they want to use the integration. You can give multiple groups access to a single integration or create multiple integrations with different settings tied to a single Salesforce account.

How many times can I integrate with a Salesforce account?

5 integrations (with KITE or otherwise) can be active per Salesforce account. This is a restriction within Salesforce itself. So before you create an integration on the platform, ensure you have not used all 5 of your slots already.

How often is the data updated?

As often as you need. For individual companies, every time you open the profile. To sync your data and companies, sync the integration.


Enable the Salesforce integration for your group (administrators
Create a Salesforce integration
Share/receive access to an integration
Activate your Salesforce fields
Sync the integration
Delete an integration