Data Providers


Company data provided by an external API.


Third-party data is the way in which the platform is able to associate companies with their data from external sources like Clearbit, Crunchbase, Owler, SimilarWeb and more. This traditionally involves data such a company logos, funding, news, and more. At this time integrations are entirely managed by KITE and provided to all of our users.

Why do you have multiple sources with the same data?

Due to how quickly things develop and shift within the innovation space, company data is frequently changing. This has lead to various research tools and data providers springing up to source this data. Because these different providers have different methods of sourcing data we have found that some have more accurate funding, some pull better logos, etc. By integrating multiple sources we put the power in our users' hands to determine which providers are best at what and representing them that way in our tables.

How often do you update your data?

Any time a company profile is visited we pull the latest data from our providers. This means that if someone on the KITE analyst team looks at Google, all provider data will be refreshed for everyone on the platform. In addition, we occasionally refresh the entire data set with some of our product releases.

How do I request for a new provider to be added?

Simply send an email to support@kitesrm.com. We will independently reach out to the provider to see if how they could best be integrated into the platform.


View all provider data about a specific company

Click on a company from the table or search for it from the navigation bar. The section labeled "Data Providers" contains all of our provider data on that company. To view data from other providers click the dropdown on the bottom of the card and select your preferred provider. In addition we show the last time the data was updated beside the "Data Providers" header. To refresh the data click the refresh icon.


Associate a company with provider data

You may find the rare case where we were unable to associate the company with one of our providers. You will see this modal below instead of the company data if we were unable to find it.


To find the correct profile and permalink simply navigate to the provider and find the company. Copy the permalink from the URL and paste it into the text field on the platform. Click Add and the data will be associated.


Add provider data to a table

To display a specific field from a provider on a table click the Configure button to the upper-right of the table.


The Configure Table modal will appear. It will show you all of the columns present on your table (from left to right). To add an additional field, search for and select the field you want to add and it will appear below. You can optionally drag to reorder the field and then click the Save button.


Filter using provider data

To filter using provider data, first create a new filter. You can create one by clicking any dropdown above the table and selecting the new filter button.


You will now be able to select the first field you would like to filter for. The dropdown is organized by type of data (Proprietary and Provider). Select the provider you prefer and then select any of the fields within it. Alternatively if you already know the field you want, click the field above the dropdown and start typing to perform a search across all of our fields.