Connect with Ecosystem Partners

How can I connect with ecosystem partners and people from outside my company?

The KITE ecosystem allows you to connect with new or existing ecosystem partners — including consultants, accelerators and VCs — to receive and discover companies relevant to your group.

Click the “Connections” tab to connect directly with ecosystem partners, including the KITE Analyst Support team, and get information sent directly to your group.

Everything you discover can be pulled into your group to track, follow or repackage.

Which ecosystem partners already on KITE can my team leverage?

Current ecosystem partners active on KITE include EY, Anthemis, Silicon Foundry, and Second Front Systems. More details found here.

If you are interested in connecting with one of these existing ecosystem partners reach out to support@kitesrm.com

How do I connect with an ecosystem partner that is not yet on KITE?

If you currently receive startup information from a VC, accelerator or consultancy, please let the KITE team know.

We are always looking for new ecosystem partners. We will reach out and get them set up on KITE so they can send research directly to your private group via the platform.

Please contact us via support@kitesrm.com and include:

  • The name of your ecosystem partner
  • They key contact person we should reach out to